On your Inventory page, you see the following:

'Selling' shows how many units this product is selling a day.
'Good For' shows how many months the inventory will last for.

We calculate these numbers like this.

Sales Velocity

‘Selling’ = sales velocity = 

(0.4 x Average Sales in last 3 days) +

(0.4 x Average Sales in last 7 days) +

(0.2 x Average Sales in last 30 days).

This formula helps to account for changes in number of sales within the month, and equalize it.


Let's say your product sold 

10 in the last 3 days, 

35 in the last 7 days and 

211 in the last 30 days.

If we would only use last 3 days to calculate how many units are selling a day on average, we would show 'Selling 3.3 a day'.

But with our formula, we take into account fluctuations within the last month, so it will be (0.4 x 3.3) + (0.4 x 5) + (0.2 x 7.03) = 4.7. 'Selling 4.7 a day'.


‘Good For’ = number of months it will last = 

Available Units / Sales Velocity.


Let's say you have 670 available units.

Sales Velocity, as calculated above, is 4.7.

‘Good For’ = number of units/how many selling a day = 670/4.7 = 143 days = 4.7 months = and we round it to closest 0.5 = 5 months

Special Cases

If you run out of stock, the app remembers the last 'Selling' rate and continues showing it until the new stock arrives. This helps you to estimate how many units to order, if you did not order it yet before the stock depleted.

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